Blog your excuses away.

4 Reasons Why You Should Blog

If you have yet to start a blog or thinking of getting started, now is the time to start creating a blog. Here’s are reasons why you should blog.

1. Search Engine Loves Blogs

It’s a known fact that search engine loves blog and you will be surprised some blogs get higher rankings then websites do. And in some case studies I had made, it get ranks faster and easier just by doing some simple SEO tactics.

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2. Great Tool To Communicate With Your Readers

If you noticed in today’s marketing world, there are getting more and more marketers using the blog platform to communicate with their customers. The reason you also want to communicate with your reader is because once you built a relationship with them the chances of getting them to buy a product would also be higher.

3. Enables You To Get Loyal Readers

One thing that I love the most about blogging is you not only get to create a mailing list for yourself but you also get a chance to create loyal readers on your blog. For instance for every post that I blog on my blog there will be about 5,200 RSS readers who would also read the blog post and read them almost virtually everyday.

4. Earn More With Your Blog!

While most internet marketers focus on just generating a list, they lack the ability to earn more from revenue from their blog. Areas such as advertisement ads, blog reviews & affiliate sales from blogs can be very rewarding 🙂
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What are you going to do?

Have you started your blog, graphic design class, cooking class, came up with a game plan to lose weight or seeking a side hustle.  You have made a list of your goals or dream? Are you doing this to make extra money or simply, to prove you can do it. Again, are we make excuses or changes?  Life is too short. I mean really short. I don’t want us to waste anymore time wishing and wanting. I want is to do and get. I want us to evict depression, self-doubt, suicidal thoughts, low-esteem, and excuses, we are going to put them out of our lives. There are some things we need to do 1st.

  • Pray and be grateful for another day, everyday
  • Surround yourself around positive people who will support you, because, believe it or not, not everyone will.
  • Seek guidance, take a class, read material by bloggers that have been in arena.
  • Pace yourself, and get some reason ( I’m guilty of this, because I didn’t go to bed until 3am and head a headache all day today). Staring at a computer for extended hours isn’t good for you.
  • Don’t find yourself neglecting yourself, and love ones, because you have gotten to involved in your new passion. Don’t let it consume you.

Happy Blogging!!!

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Let’s blog..

After reviewing a lot of YouTube videos about blogging. I’m still a little confused and I think I need a new laptop. I was checking the reviews a Dell laptop I saw on Amazon. I’m still looking though. I have a pretty large laptop and I’m praying for a smaller one. I have also started journaling when I’m away from my laptop. I have been reading and watching videos on writing technics and blogging to help me. I must 1st believe that I can do this and pray that I stay consistent. Ladies, you can also monetize your blog, and I really need that. I mean, who couldn’t use some extra money. But my main objective, is to prove that I can do this.

What the heck is a blog really?

What A blog really is and how to get your head
around this whole blogging thing…So what the heck is a blog anyway? If you’re new to the blogging world, you may still be wondering what on earth a blog actually is.

And you may even feel a little embarrassed or even ashamed when others talk about blogs and you don’t really know what they’re talking about. Well, don’t feel bad, because I’ll now help you demystify this whole blogging thing once and for all…

The word “blog” is short for “weblog”, and it’s a term that was created for a special kind of website that essentially helps you write down a”log” of…stuff… well, anything really!

In the “old” days (just a few short years ago now) a lot of people used blogs as a type of online journal where they could write down whatever happened in their lives, and share it with their friends and family.

And this still happens today. But, nowadays, blogs are the most popular type of website on the internet – for both people, as well as for search engines – but more on this soon…

People now use blogs to publish content related to any and every topic you could imagine, ranging from how to raise kids to internet marketing to personal development – in fact, almost any topic that you can conceive of. A blog is really just a special kind of website that lets you easily publish content whenever you want and allowing other people to interact with your content in the form of writing comments in response to whatever you published. So, it’s quite different from the stuffy old
“static” websites that do not change their content
as a general rule of thumb. Blogs are a lot more
fluid and interactive than the normal “old school”
websites… and much more effective too! But why have blogs become so extremely popular in the recent past?

Well, there are at least three reasons…

1. Blogs are popular with the search engines.

Because blogs get updated with new content so often, search engines lists them very high up on their search results. This means that blogs are likely to get more traffic than normal “static” websites because more people can find them quickly and easily in search
engines like Yahoo and Google.

Now, if you were a website owner, which would you prefer? A stuffy old static website that does not change and does not get listed in the search engines, or a vibrant ever changing interactive blog that gets listed in the major search engines?

Easy decision right?

2. Another main reason is because blogs are

Whenever you visit a blog, you can read the original post by the author of the blog, and then you can also submit a comment expressing your own thoughts on what the blog post was about. When other people join the “conversation”, things can get very interesting, and you could end up with a very exciting collection of thoughts from
people from all over the world. Because conversation in itself creates a bit of
“drama”, people naturally get attracted to it, and want to be a part of it. And thus, the more people who do this, the faster this whole blogging thing grows.

3. And of course, blogs have got to be one of the easiest kind of websites to set up.

Believe it or not, but you don’t actually need any technical knowledge such as html programming and a lot of money to be able to set up your own blog. If you can click a few buttons and type letters on your keyboard, that’s all you need for setting up your very own blog. And in some cases, you could even set up a new blog in a matter of minutes! They don’t cost a thing either.

But these are only three of many reasons why blogs are so popular, and there are many other reasons as well and I’ll leave you to explore those for yourself.

So, in summary, a blog is really just a special kind of website that allows you to easily add content, and get other people from all over the world to absorb and interact with your content on the internet.

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When I thought I was surely confused.