About Me..

My name if Tonya and I’m from Columbia SC and I’m guilty of making excuses. I have been sentenced to a life of regrets. I’m 48 years old and I have been married to a wonderful man for 11 years. I have lived in South Carolina all my life, and I’m the oldest of 4 siblings. I have a wonderful mom, whom I love & admire greatly. I have worked at the same company for 17 years. I consider myself to be loyal, friendly, funny and compassionate. My husband & I are very involved in our church and God has blessed us with a wonderful family & a lot of friends. I have always wanted to write and learn the art of graphic design, to create flyers, booklets and invitations. I know now that this is a talent, I have been gifted with. I say that because my Pastor asked me to take over the public relations ministry for church about 11 years ago. Now, I was like, “Really?” I had never did anything like that before. I was creating flyers, communicating with the media outlets about special church events and beginning to love it. I was so excited and I wanted to learn more but didn’t think I was smart enough to take a class (another excuse). My work improved over the years, and I even created the church website using http://www.weebly.com. I still don’t think I’m good enough to make a living doing it. If you are still reading this, I want to thank you and maybe we can learn together, how to stop making excuses and make changes.