Shapewear Shenanigans!!!!!

Okay. I’m a fluffy woman. I admit it. I’ve started to cut back on my snacking of junk food and I admit, I’m pretty good. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s hard. I’m determined to lose this weight and lower my a1c. However, until then, I need some good shapewear. I’m weighing in at 270 and I’m 5’7″. My butt, thighs and boobs are where my weight is. I wear a size 44H bra size and 20W-22W pants & dress size. I say all of that to say this. I need great shapewear with serious support. I have spent so much money, only to be disappointed with ripped, frayed and stretched out material. I need to create my own shapewear line. I need the following:

  • Durable, breathable fabric
  • High waisted or straps to cover my back overflow
  • Reinforced durable fabric on the inner thighs to stop my thighs from rubbing together
  • Long in length to the knee or just below the knee so there is no mid thigh bulging or lines.
  • And let’s not forget tummy control..with some magic grip that keeps it from rolling down.

Now, I don’t think, I’m asking for too much. We( the fluffy, glorious size women) need to design our own shapewear. And another thing, why are there small, non-plus size women modeling plus size shapewear. Just stop it!! I feel we dont have a good representation…I see Lane Bryant, The Avenue and Ashley Stewart have some real life size model. And I love it!! However the shapewear is taking care of my problem areas!! Now, last night, I across Divas Curves(, all I can say is thank you Lord!!!. I have placed my order and expecting great things. I will be posting my review and I can’t wait to get my shapewear. I ordered the knee length one. So until I get smaller and toned, I need this in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not saying that smaller size woman’s don’t have shapewear issues. I’m just speaking about my own experience and these are just my opinions. Thanks for listening

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