Sugar Addiction

I think I’m a addict……, I have been away for a while, and I apologize. Life showed its ugly head and I lose some loves ones due to cancer and heart attacks. It’s so terrible. I kept telling myself that I don’t want to leave this earth due to food and a bad life style. My name is Tonya and I’m addicted to sugar and bad carbs. I’ve tried stop and it seems impossible. My sister started the Keto Diet Journey and looks amazing. She has diabetes and her physician has cut her medication in 1/2. It’s not easy but she is determined. My other sister has digestive issues and has chosen a gluten-free lifestyle and she also looks amazing. She isn’t loving it but, it’s a choice between gluten free or painful days. So that choice is easy. Even my mom is diabetic and she has chosen to limit her carbs and avoid eating after 6pm and looks great and she will be celebrating her 70th birthday in February. I guess what, I’m trying to say, is, we have a choice. Everyone has free will, everyone has to get to their breaking point. I’m addicted and it’s said to say, but it seem impossible for me to stop eating so many kinds of junk. I wonder if I need therapy, medication, meditation, etc. How many love ones do I need to lose, to get it together?

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