Comfortable being comfortable

affblogpro-300x250Have you ever wondered why some of us are comfortable being comfortable? My Pastor has always said that some of us are okay being okay. I think you have to be tired of being sick and tired to make a change to be a better you. I think you have to travel outside of your comfort zone and live a little to realize that there is more to be, more to see, more to do or even more to have. If you do the same ole’ thing , you will want & have the same ole’ thing. We must expand our horizon, & our circle of acquaintances. In order to obtain something, you never had, you must do something, you’ve never done. Sometimes you have to talk trash to yourself. Try writing down a few things you have always wanted to do and list the reasons why you haven’t accomplished or tried to do it.

I have always want to write a book, and learn graphic designing. However, I haven’t written anything until last month and I’m 48 yrs. What in the heck!!! Nothing is stopping you but you. Stop making excuses and do something. According the KJV Bible…”I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” ….Philippians 4:13

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